The Book

In this poignant memoir, travel with author Armenia Jess as she recounts her journey through the struggles and success.

Armenia was born in an impoverished village in Southern Mindanao in the Philippines. Her father passed away when she was only twelve years old, her youngest brother who was only nine years old, became the breadwinner and supported her education through college. Later on, she met her husband who significantly changed her (and her family’s) life.

The book follows Armenia and her family’s bittersweet life experiences in the Philippines before she made it to the USA. Her family struggled to survive their impoverished living conditions and the cruel circumstances they encountered in a village near her hometown; when they left to live in the town to chase her dream only to be evicted from multiple rental houses they couldn’t afford to pay; and when she unexpectedly met the man who loves her unconditionally and showed her the world.

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